General Election June 8: Breaking it Down!

As your all aware Britain decides on Thursday 8th who we want to represent the country in Parliament and in a way run the country. Everyone who is 18 years of age and above that has registered to vote is able to decide which candidate they want to represent your local area as well as who you want in power in parliament. Whoever has the most votes will mean that the party elected will become in charge of the country and the way it is run biased on there views that they have been campaigning about for weeks.

The General Election was called upon 3 years early than usual due to Theresa May announcing the election on the 18th May. She did this as she wasn’t voted in by anybody and came into power by default as David Cameron resigned.

If your not savy with politics this could help you decide your vote and understand each parties pledges.

Conservatives Manifesto 

  • Increase the number of grammar schools in Britain.
  • Regain control of Britain’s borders.
  •  Commit the UK to leave the free market.
  • £8 billion more to be spend a year on the NHS by the end of parliament.
  • A social care plan to abandon £72,00 cap on home costs.
  • Extremism commissioner to halt divisive and dangerous behaviour.
  • Threat to strip private schools of charitable statuses unless they create 100 free schools.
  • Ensure ex-forces heroes are better looked after.
  • Scrapping winter fuel payment to ‘better-off’ pensioners.
  • Give an extra £4 billion to schools by 2022. (By ending free school meals to infant pupils).

Theresa May ‘Strong and stable leadership in the national interest, with me your Prime Minister’.

Labour Manifesto 

  • Increase the minimum wage to £10.
  • Extend free school meals to primary school children.
  • Cap school classroom sizes to 30 pupils.
  • Increase the Carers’ allowance by £10 a week.
  • Build 1,000,000 new homes.
  • Lower the voting age to 16.
  • Scrap the 1% pay cap increase for NHS staff.
  • Ban zero hours contracts and unpaid internships.
  • Abolish tuition fees.
  • Freeze railway fairs.
  • Ban junk food ads before 9pm watershed.
  • 500 billion national investment bank.
  • More powers to target rogue landlords.
  • Scrapping hospital parking charges.

Jeremy Corbyn said, ‘Labour will be offering the country an effective alternative to a government that has failed to rebuild the economy, delivered failing living standards and damaging cuts to our schools and NHS’.

Liberal Democrats Manifesto

  • Stop employers forcing staff to identify as self-employed.
  • Hold a second referendum on the terms of Brexit.
  • Increase in the threshold at which students have to pay back tuition fees.
  • Help end rough sleeping.
  • £7 billion extra on education for children.
  • £1 billion fund dedeicated to mental health services.
  • Legalise cannabis.
  • Add extra month for parental leave for fathers.
  • Take over the running on Southern Rail.

Tim Farron said, ‘your chance to change the direction of our country, if you want to avoid disastrous Brexit, If you want to keep Britain in the single market. If you want a Britain that is open, tolerant and united, this is your chance’.

The Green Party Manifesto

  • Scrap tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants.
  • Offer a second referendum with the option to remain in the EU.
  • Maintain the equivalent funding for universities losing cash from the EU.
  • Ensure the HIV prevention drug PrEP is provided by the NHS.
  • Lower voting age to 16.

Scottish National Party Manifesto

  • Pledge to fight a second referendum on Sottish independence.
  • Remove the bedroom tax.
  • Commitment to creating wealthier, more successful Scotland.
  • NHS revenue budget to rise by £500 million more than inflation by the end of next parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon said, ‘Stand up for Scotland’.

UKIP Manifesto

  • Ban full face coverings.
  • Explicit ban on the practice of Sharia Law.
  • Mandatory reporting of Female Genital Mutilation.
  • A moratorium on new Islamic faith schools.
  • £10 billion a year cut on foreign aid.
  • A ‘one in one out’ immigration system.
  • Close schools where Islamic ideology is taught and no new Islamic faith schools until integration has made progress.

Paul Nuttall said, ‘Every vote for UKIP in the upcoming general election will be a reminder to the PM that the British people want a clean Brexit with restored borders’.

Now with each party campaigning now until the 8th June it’s up to you to decide who becomes Prime Minister and your local MP.

Get Deciding!


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