Lets not be frightened…

I know it’s hard not to feel afraid and overwhelmed after the events that have happened these past three months, but we must carry on… this was shown as the country and even the world became united yesterday (4/06/17).

Image result for one love manchesterAriana Grande organised a charity concert in memory of the victims of the Manchester arena attack, which happened at one of her concerts. On the 22/05/17, young girls, boys and families attended Ariana’s concert as their big fans of the young star yet at the end of the night an explosion went off causing carnage and a total of 22 deaths, with casualties still in hospital to this day with life changing injuries.

After the concert Ariana decided to organise a charity concert to raise money for all those affected and help fund the funerals for those who had been killed in the horrific attack. Some artists that appeared on stage yesterday night include Robbie Williams, Pharrel Williams, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Coldplay to name a few. The ‘One Love’, concert alone raised £2.3 million as well as giving everybody an enjoyable night.

Coldplay were the main act of the night featuring with the most songs and also getting the crowd energised towards the end of the night. Ariana herself performed ‘One Last Time’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ at the end of the night, which where she became really emotional for her as well as the crowd and the audience sitting at home watching.

The concert gave everybody a sense of warming and showed that we as a country all become united together when something tragic happens and have the power to overcome evil.

Overall, 14.5 million watched the concert as well as 50,000 people in the venue, making it the most viewed thing on TV so far this year. The tickets sold out in 20 minutes for the ‘One Love’ concert also.

Related image

Ariana showed compassion, maturity and strength last night as she battled through many emotions but made the night something special, which was watched by so many.

Image result for one love manchester


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