Birmingham: Don’t be afraid!

In light of all the terror we’ve been facing and seeing it plastered all over the news, i guess it’s obvious that everybody is skeptical and thinking twice about going into big cities. That’s going to happen of course everyone is nervous and frightened however, yesterday (06/06/17), I took a trip into Birmingham which isn’t anything surprising as I go quite frequently.

I went to Birmingham for the purposes of filming for my college course. Yes, we did think twice however, I wont be scared and you shouldn’t be either. We took the train into Grand Central and as I expected it was covered in security as well as armed police, we arrived into Birmingham as the one minute silence was being held to honor the victims of the London bridge attack. As I was walking through the security level was very high as you’d expect. It was clear that there was a certain level of tension (especially in Grand Central) but it was full of people going around there daily business and travelling. I love that so many people feel safe in Birmingham in light of everything happening.

Although, many personal friends and family members of mine won’t go as the are afraid and anxious. It’s obvious it’s expected but we must not change our daily routines for the evil that seek to affect us in every way.

Birmingham is a safe place, we must try not to be scared, we must show strength and resilience towards the pure evil and hatred of the sick individuals that try to cause sadness and terror. I know a lot of people won’t agree with me about trying to carry on as normal but I believe we must show that we are untied together.

As I traveled to Birmingham with the filming intention I walked around the city a lot. It’s such a beautiful city, it must be enjoyed.



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