Review: I Went To See Baywatch…

If you love keeping up with the cinema and new film releases, you’ll know that Baywatch has been released for a couple of days now in the UK. Have you took a trip down your local cinema yet? Because you should.

Yesterday, me and my good friend decided to go down and watch it, ever since I’ve known about it’s release I’ve been dying to watch it. (As well as Pirates of the Caribbean, but that’s for a different blog).

So, after long anticipation and hearing the good and the bad reviews I was a bit sceptical at first and just hoping it wasn’t going to be a flop. Overall, I thought it was great, minus some of the dad jokes, it was still defiantly comical and made me laugh out loud a few times. I mean, I’ve never really been a fan of ‘The Rock’ or Zac Efron really but now that’s a different matter. They work so well together as a duo it’s great and defiantly something you wouldn’t expect.

My good friend also enjoyed the film, he was surprised by Zac Efron also, as he neither was such a big fan as I and he said he could see him appearing in multiple action films in there near future. He also added that the film overall was silly but comical and would defiantly re-watch despite some of the awkward jokes.

I understand it’s defiantly not everybody’s taste but it’s your into stupid, comical films it’s worth that watch. Even if that is just to see everybody in there swimming trunks.



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