Hottest Weather Weekend!

Get the holiday case down, find that bikini and slap on the sunscreen! You don’t have to be a genius to know that the weather has been bangin’ this weekend. However, I was inside working, watching with envy of people walking round in shorts and dresses. Meanwhile, me in my black leggings, trainers and grey tee. Love it. Never mind, I have the up coming weekend off which will probably be full of rain clouds and wind.

This weather isn’t normal for the UK of having 30 degree temperatures, so I hope your staying protected and slapping the cream on and buying all the paddling pools! BBQ’s everywhere, which is my personal favorite thing about the summer time as I struggle to sunbathe in the UK as it’s just not the same as abroad.

On a serious note, it’s very obvious that our climate is seriously becoming messed up and changing drastically as the years go on, THINK ABOUT THE POLAR BEARS! (I could rant about climate change for hours but I won’t).

However, enjoy this gorgeous weather Britain because it won’t last. Wouldn’t surprise me if we are issued drought warnings soon as we’re sooo unprepared for any change in weather.

SLAP that cream on, put that BIKINI on and get that BBQ going.


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