Grenfell Tower Tragedy 

I left it a week or so as I know it’s such a sore and sensitive subject.  What a tragedy that shook every single one of us. Whether it’s affected you directly or not; it was a real heart stopper. 

The fire struck on the 14th June 2017 at a time when residents of the 24 floor tower block were clambering into bed after a long day at work; a day with family or a night out. A night they thought would be like every other but fire stuck on the fourth floor from a faulty fridge and due to irresponsible and lack of safety checks the fire spread throughout the whole block when in theory it should have been contained on the one level and should not that spread, especially in the rapid time it did. 

Allegedly the cladding surrounding the exterior of the building was a massive contribution to the mass spreading of the fire, which had been put in place in 2016 in a 10 million revamp of the block to make it appear less of a eye sore to others. However, it’s not compulsory but sprinklers were not instulled in the building, which to a lot of people should have been. It’s also recommended that cladding isn’t used on a block higher than three floors for safely reasons. 

Why did this happen? Who’s to blame? 

Not the man who’s faulty fridge started the fire but those responsible for he building and carrying out the vigorous safety checks, which were not done as safety wasn’t high on their priority list (one fire exit for 24 floors of people, which became blocked) this is diabolical and why was this not seen and done something about before hand. 

For those personally/directly affected I feel your pain and hurt and so does the rest of the nation. I am sorry it has took something so horrendous for the government to finally check tower blocks throughout the country (most of them have failed the safety tests). I am sorry for your pain. I am sorry for your suffering. It feels like life is at a stand still. But it will get better, you will get your answers. It has took many people to die, be injured and have mental scarring for you to be heard and I’m sorry. 

We are all sorry. I give you my heart and hope you will find some happiness in life again. 


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