I must be Ugly.

I haven’t got a 100 likes on my new Instagram post… I must be ugly.

Do you ever feel like your not as pretty as everybody else? You feel like your in competition with others over your appearance and the amount of recognition that they get compared to what you don’t.

In today’s society it’s crucial that we make ourselfs look a certain way to appear attractive and desirable by others. Everybody wants 100+ likes on their Instagram post to feel accepted and to know they have a certain social status. It’s something that this generation is struggling with and is constantly growing greater and greater as a big pressure.

It affects both males and females in the same way. You must be good looking to be popular; you must have at least 100 likes on your selfie or your ugly. These thoughts circulate round in every bodies mind and it’s damaging.

If you have 23 followers it’s okay. If you have 11 likes it’s okay. Don’t let social media define you as a person or change your views on yourself.

Each and every person looks differently and acts differently to one another. If you want to post a bangin’ bikini/underwear photo, post it because you look gorgeous, do it! If you are more reserved and stick to the odd selfie every three months you do you. Nobody else’s actions should affect yours.

Everybody is beautiful in different ways, so don’t let social media change your opinions or your definition of beauty.

You are beautiful. You are gorgeous. You do you!




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