Olu Deniz 2017

Yes that’s why there hasn’t been a post in a while I’ve been on holiday! 

I visited Olu Deniz in Turkey for a family holiday this year, i’ve been to turkey before in an area called Bodrum but was nothing compared to here. 

We went on the 3rd of July from Birmingham airport however, it didn’t go to plan as we got delayed 3 hours due to the plains tyres bursting as we were taxiing through the airport however it was the only set back of the holiday the rest was amazing! 

While there we visited a number of places especially while on the two boat trips we attended where we stopped of at 6 different locations such as camael beach, turtle bay and cold lagoon bay. It was defiantly one of the best days of my holiday and was defiantly an experience especially seeing in the different areas how people live in comparison to us. £20 is pocket money compared to them were they see it as an amazing amount. So it may have been a beautiful place but also showed me how different I live compared to them and how it shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

Every night we would go out for food and drinks especially in our favourite bar ‘Mojito Bar’ situated just around the corner from the main strip. Every place serviced great food with excellent customer service; however it could get a little strenuous and annoying at times but nevertheless it was enjoyable. 

I also met a few people in our hotel who we befriended throughout the time we were there and will continue to speak to. 

One of the main things for me was it was the time there when I plucked up the courage to go and have my first tattoo done, which I love! 

I could go on forever about this holiday and I know this post is a bit sporadic but I really didn’t know where to start. If you are looking for somewhere for a family holiday it’s worth checking out Olu Deniz as we have already booked again for next year! 

I hope your all well and you’ll be hearing from me very soon! 


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