Review: I went to see Baby Driver…

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So this one is defiantly one to watch! Yesterday night, I went to see Baby Driver to my surprise as I defiantly didn’t think this one was for me but how wrong I was!

If your stuck for something to do drag yourself down to your local cinema because this film is fantastic. Baby driver is a Action/Crime film full of nervousness and anticipation, the type that leaves yourself on the edge of your seat, especially during the high speed chases!

So, the main focus is ‘Baby’ played by Ansel Elgort, he’s got himself into a bad patch. His job is a driver who helps other organise robberies and gets them to safety without being caught. His driving skills and insane and defiantly envied by many. Another, main aspect of the film is music. ‘Baby’ doesn’t do anything without music. Music to match the atmosphere and action at the time. He suffers from tinnitus which is another reason you never see him without his headphones.

Whenever ‘Baby’ gets a call of him boss he’s at the job even if he doesn’t want to be there. He realises he needs to change his ways and get out of the job when he meets ‘Debora’ played by Lily James, as there’s a Romance blossom between the two and without giving away to much she becomes a great help towards to end of the film.

Baby driver will defiantly put you on the edge of your seat. It made me tense up a few times with anticipation (leaving me with a cricked neck at the end!). I know it doesn’t look like every bodies cup of tea but i’d defiantly give it ago because I thought that myself and left the cinema with completely different feelings towards it than I did entering.

If you like action, guns, violence, music and a splash of romance this is the one for you!

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