Do what makes you happy: future career?

So, For years I’ve be unsure of what I want to do as a future career. My minds been all over stressing about job prospects despite working since I hit 16. 

I’ve been a farmer, interpreter, actor and Journalist. Out of all of these I’ve never set my heart on them as I never felt 100% towards then as it wasn’t what I truely wanted to do. I love animals; I want to utalise my BSL skills; I want to express myself and I love writing as you can tell. A lot of you don’t know I have a blog years ago which was personal to me which I never published but because of that is why I have this blog because I love writing so much and wanted to share it on this platform. I love to express myself but as a job I can’t delegate what I write, on here I can which is why I feel like Journlism was a whim as I did it for everyone else and not me. 

For a long time, I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do. I love people but sometimes people can judge you on your choices which is something I’ve been worried about but as it’s coming close to the time where I can decide to go to university or not so I want to study something that will benefit me in my true career path. 


A lot will laugh and be confused as it’s something I’ve never mentioned but that’s what I want. I want to see little bundles of joy everyday. I want to talk to mothers about the prospect of there lives changing. It’s a job which has its highs and sometimes lows but very rewarding. 

I currently work as a sports adviser which is something good I enjoy but is a job to keep me by   Throughout my studies.

Hopefully my expression helps others. Don’t be embarrassed for what you want to do which is what I did. Believe in yourself.

This blog is not my usually writing self or topic however I really wanted to put it all down onto paper (or screen). Back to usual for the next one. 


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