Review: I went to see 47 Meters Down…

I’ve been back for a total of 23 minutes and I’m writing this review. If your a scardy cat like me this isn’t the one for you but if you love the thrill and the unknown this will be right up your street! 

Two best friends go on a holiday to Mexico and decide to go see the sharks with an unlicensed company. This starts the obvious story line of what’s about to happen next. One persuades the other to get in the cage and after 3 minutes they decide to go back up but of course something goes wrong and their plummeted down 47 meters to the sea bed; with their air tanks running out and sharks all around them will they survive? 

The film is good despite the predictable story line. It gets you extremely tense and nervous especially if your like me and not a massive fan on horrors. However, if you’re like my friend you’ll love the thrill and excitement. 

(Spoiler: don’t read this paragraph if you haven’t watched it!) The thing that really disappointed me is the ending of the film as we originally thought both girls had survived on the boat they didn’t, as it cut back to the one 47 meters down who was hallucinating. It then goes on to showing the rescue team slowly bringing her to the surface ( because of the hallucinations she thinks her friend is with her and they’ve made it). She’s finally brought to the surface and then cuts off to the credits. This really disappointed me as it wasn’t something you’d expect. So they definitely decided to go for the open ending for maybe a follow up or just for you to decide if you want that happy or sad ending. 

If your a lover of horror or even the film Jaws this one is for you and if you’re like, me take a pillow to hide behind as some points are a little bit too nerve-reckoning. 



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