We’ve had the Stone Age. We’ve had the Iron Age. Now it’s the pissin’ about age…

‘We’ve had the Stone Age. We’ve had the Iron Age. Now it’s the pissin’ about age’ – Karl Pilkington; The Moaning of Life.

Karl Pilkington is someone I’ve adored ever since I watched the first episode of Idiot Abroad. 

Karl is a 44 year old from Manchester. He became known after being the Producer for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on XFM, where Karl did podcasts talking about the weird and magical things that go in his brain as well as, his throughts and views on near everything. 

He’s appeared in Idiot abroad which was helped along by Ricky and Stephen where he got noticed by many for the first time including myself. He did multiple series as well as getting Warwick involved. 

The moaning of life was also something that’s loved by his fans; he goes to multipul destinations and sees the differences in living and explores different subject types such as Marriage, birth and death and the second series such as Waste,time and age. 

He’s also appeared in other things to. As well as being a television presenter he is a writer of a few books such as Karlology, the moaning of life (behind he scenes thoughts of his series) and happy slapped by a jellyfish. 

Karl’s defiantly a special man with some of the things that come out of his mouth but loved by man for his odd thinking. 

Some Karl quotes: 

“It doesn’t matter where your from in the world, we all have the same nob and bollocks”.

“Some people say having kids is life changing, but the doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing does it? I could take one of my legs off. That would change my life”. 

“If i had five photos of anuses I could not point mine out”. 

There’s many more but I’d be going forever! 


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